Great customer service doesn’t only rely on offering blanket discounts, free gifts, or flashy popups. It’s a lot more and here are the 6 principles of great customer service.

Whether you have just initiated an online store or already running a successful business, you must be capable of bridging the gap between you and your customers so that you have lifetime potential clients.

6 Ways to Consistently Deliver Excellent Client Support

The key to building great customer service is to offer qualitative services to the customers. Thanking them for the purchase, writing personalized emails, being supportive and helpful is all that your customers need to have them develop a good impression. Just remember- Happy customers, Happy you.

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So, the hallmarks of excellent support are:

  1.  The best conversion is no conversion
  2.  Select your channels wisely
  3.  Speed is a powerful tool
  4.  Surprise with unexpected surprises
  5.  Know your customers personally 
  6.  Tell your customers when you are available

The best conversion is no conversion

Of course, everyone wants to talk to the support team for some help and it’s not going to be a random help, rather they would like to purchase a product and know its details. 

So, when customers directly reach you out through chat, email, or other options, don’t miss to solve the root cause of the issue. Fixing the issue completely will give you a lifetime customer.

Offering valuable feedback that solves the issue entirely will ultimately reduce the inquiries and this is really good because your customers will already have all the answers to the questions. They know what they are looking for and will buy the product with ease. 

To achieve all this and get an honest customer, make sure to evaluate the issue or request. They won’t only be delighted with your support service but will always prefer purchasing from your store.

Another way to reduce customers inquiries is to provide help center guides or live video tutorials of your products, shipping, etc. 

Select your channels wisely

Your support channel choice will determine the quality of customer service you can provide to your clients. However, finding such a channel and deciding how you’ll support them is quite tricky.

It’s unrealistic especially for small stores to provide customer support at every channel because the more options you offer, you’ll be more stuck. Let’s say you have provided an email, phone number, chat option on each social media platform, and live discussion on YouTube every Sunday, then you’ll either require several competent executives for support or need to stick to one channel only.

When you plan on offering multi-channel support, your customers expect your availability on each platform and if you take time in replying then they’ll find another online store. Plus, maybe that same customer might be sending messages on every platform; which will possibly bring confusion and customers will eventually leave.

Instead of being available on every possible channel, it’s better to choose one suitable channel where your target audience can reach with ease and commit to offering your assistance on time.

It’s advisable to pick one or two channels where you can easily focus. Having an autoresponder bot will be quite helpful in offering great customer service.

Speed is a powerful tool for great client support

Don’t forget – the longer customers wait for your reply, the shorter they will stay in your store. So, you have to make your customer service quick and provide instant replies.

But, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your support quality. You just have to be quicker.

Quickly resolving the matter is more important than replying quickly. Replying instantly with a wrong answer will leave a very bad impression on your customer.

You also need to wait and hold because your customer may need further assistance. He may ask you about the product, its shipping charges, and buying procedure, and maybe more. So, instead of being super quick with your replies, you should also identify the next potential steps and guide the customer before he asks.

Further, speed varies from channel to channel. Speed in live chat support needs to be really quick, however, speed on email support will be pretty slow.

Surprise with unexpected surprises

When you provide unexpected extra services, you grab a visitor. Adding creative gestures definitely cut expectations and develop an honest relationship between you and customers.

Surprises can come in all shapes and sizes. These unexpected surprises can be even as small as sending personalized emails or asking for feedback or help after a few days or as big as sending a customizable physical letter.

You can even send a customizable offer to the customer based on his recent purchasing behavior. This can be sent in the form of a QR code via email, chat, etc.

Delighting your customers with big and small unexpected surprises will put a positive impression on them and will improve your store reputation.

Know your customers personally 

Better you know your customers, better customer service you can offer to them. But, that doesn’t mean you have to spend an hour or two on chat with the customer or send him multiple emails.

You just have to understand what your customers require and how you can assist them with the same. Not to forget that the needs of each of the customers will be different.

Giving them the confirmation that you know what they desire and delivering them exactly the same promises great customer service.

Additionally, while on your way to build a personal bond with customers, make sure to represent emails or chats with your name, not your brand. This ensures that you are honestly connecting with them on personal terms and not sending random pre-written emails.

Tell your customers when you’re available

Your customers should know when someone is available to talk on the chat support and when the executives are offline. Customers will get annoyed if they don’t receive a reply on time. 

You must add time or hours when you’re online and available to offer support to your customers. You can also download the XOOT app which has an in-built Whatsapp Chat app to connect with customers instantly. The app allows you to set profiles of multiple agents, upload their images, add their numbers, and even include their time slots. 

Listing your available time slots or showing your online and offline status is one of the principles of great customer service.

This gives a clear picture of the available and non-available executives to the customers. 

Further, if your customers are connecting with you via email, try to send them an automatic message that’ll let them know when you will be available and an approximate time till they have to wait.

Closing Thoughts

Implementing these principles of great customer service seems to be easy and yet they are but implementation is incomplete if they are not measured well. You must analyze how you are doing, what your customer return rate is, how customers interact with you, are happy with your services, etc. 

Tracking your performance is very important and holds the key to offering great customer service.

Starting with the 6 principles of great customer service will definitely make your store a step ahead. The more you refine these principles and fill the loopholes, the better and happier your customers will be.