Usually, most of the product descriptions are really boring. Obviously, who wants to read product descriptions when there are a plethora of other things to do like shopping, reading reviews, etc. And, as a Shopify merchant, instead of writing catchy product descriptions that sell, you would really want to focus on your conversions, speed optimization, and ways to reduce cart abandonment

But, that’s completely wrong. According to a recent study, around half of the purchases fail due to terrible product descriptions.

So, this means that we must know how to write powerful product descriptions that sell. Your product descriptions should show a clear picture of the product with its important details or specifications. 

Product descriptions need to justify the product and must encourage selling products to real people. So, let’s have a look at some of the ways of writing product descriptions to successfully convince people to buy products from your store.

Product Description Meaning

Basically, a product description is a marketing copy that reflects all the information about a specific product. It shows what the product is about and what its features are and represents benefits that encourage visitors to make a purchase.

A finely written product description drives visitors through the conversion funnel. If you include a piece of creativity and make your product pages more appealing, you get a chance to influence your visitors and change them into leading customers.

Before writing an appealing product description, you must ask yourself the below questions: 

  • What is your product?
  • What are its features?
  • Why should customers buy this product?
  • What are its specifications and other details?
  • How is your product different from other competitors?

Once you get answers to these questions, try to write them in an engaging and alluring way.

How to Write a Powerful Product Description That Sells

Often, store owners don’t give much importance to product description and either write random content or write a bare minimum detail, without even focusing on why customers should buy it. As a result, merchants don’t get higher conversions and quickly lose customers.

So, here are the 7 ways to write a powerful product description that sells: 

  • Focus on your buyer needs
  • Tempt your customers with benefits 
  • Avoid slangs
  • Keep it simple and informative
  • Offer some imagination
  • Avoid possible barriers 
  • Tempt with social proof

Focus on your buyer needs

The very first rule or way to write a powerful product description that sells is to recognize your target audience.

When you write a product description for a huge crowd audience and keep their interests in mind, you definitely make the copy confusing.

Once you have defined your audience, you’ll be able to focus on their needs. You’ll know what product features your buyers would like to see in the product descriptions. 

focus on your buyers need

While you plan to write a description, keep some of the below questions in mind:

  • What customers are looking for?
  • What benefits or features of a product will be appealing to a customer?
  • Why would the person be interested in purchasing from your store?
  • What questions will customers ask related to your product?

By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be able to write a better product description that sells.

Tempt Your Customers With Benefits

As a merchant, you are naturally eager to share every benefit of your products. You need to show that your product has the best features and the most novel specs. 

The shopper, on the other hand, is not necessarily keen on the unremarkable details of the product. However, they need to know how it can help them. 

A product feature is a real copy of the product that gives specialized data. On the other hand, a product benefit tells how that specific item can work in the purchaser’s life. 

Your product description copy ought to persuade the potential purchasers that it will work on their lives in obvious quantifiable ways. 

product descriptions- tempt your customers with benefits

Before you start describing your product descriptions, make a framework of the features and advantages of your item. Ponder how the product either expands joy or reduces a pain spot. 

For each feature that you list, sort out how this will help the purchaser. 

Adding features into benefits like this will assist you in writing more powerful product descriptions that sell and will grab customers’ attention more rapidly.

Avoid Slangs

Analyze how your description sounds like when you read it out loud. Is it formal? Does it sound like a conversation going on between two friends? Are the words hilarious?

Or does it sound like strings of slang? 

If your product description is full of words like yeah, wanna, gonna, Y, etc. then unfortunately your conversion rate will reduce in no time. It’s time you should avoid injecting such slang in your product copy. 

Bringing a natural tone to your product description will help customers know and understand your brand. Don’t forget to add words that are SEO- friendly, hence find and use the words for a product that has a good search volume. 

Keep it Simple and Informative

While writing product descriptions that sell make sure you don’t add long complex words which will be difficult to read and understand. Try to use simple words so that all customers can get what the product is about.

keep product descriptions simple and informative

Use bullets or points to make it more appealing and easy to understand. Further, keep the description in brief. Avoid writing too much about the product since that can mislead customers. 

Keeping your product description simple, clear, and scannable allows potential customers to easily read and make their overall experience appealing.

Using a consistent tone that matches the brand builds trust with the customers and makes certain e-commerce brands much more memorable than the thousands of others currently selling products on Shopify.

Also, instead of using this slang, you must use powerful words that’ll help you to sell. There are some words like amazing, miracle stunning, spectacular, eye-opening, catchy, worthwhile, high-quality, worthy, nominal, etc. that can provoke an emotional response in humans and can increase sales. 

Offer Some Imagination

To make product descriptions that sell and make them more appealing, offer some imagination to your products.

Obviously, your customers are shopping online. They can’t hold a product in their hands and check whether it suits your needs or not. But, if you actually show them how the product is going to look in reality, it will improve the chances of buying.

Definitely adding crystal clear pictures and HD videos can help, but the creativity of words can also work very well. By using delightful copy, you can give splendid and real imagination to the customers.

Try starting your product copy with “imagine” and then create an attractive story around it. 

Avoid Possible Barriers 

Including FAQs or answering possible queries in the product descriptions removes the rational barriers related to an item or product.

Search online or use a support team to know frequent queries of customers and try to add them to your product copy.

You can use several product description tabs to make it easier for the customers to quickly learn all details and information about the product.

Additionally, try to use sensory words that are relevant to your business or niche like “soft”, “crunchy”, “delicious”, etc for restaurants. 

Tempt with Social Proof 

When your customers lack trust, security, or feel that fewer customers may be engaging in your store, you can tempt them with social proof apps.

To make sure they buy from your store, try adding payment icons, trust badges, and sales pop in the product descriptions. This won’t only build social proof but will instantly improve your conversion rate.

product descriptions- social proof

Further, don’t miss adding product reviews or testimonials in the description copy. Using such apps and rating systems in Shopify stores presents product information quickly and easily.

Most shoppers are attracted to bring something that’s quite popular and receive a good rating. So, bring extra features to your product descriptions and make them more appealing. 

So, here are the 7 ways to write powerful product descriptions that sell. Don’t forget that every brand and its target audience is different so run multiple A/B tests to find out the best ways to show products copy.

Adding stories and briefing even the smallest details, in short, will give you an ideal opportunity to grab visitors, build trust, and make them purchase the product.

Having apps like XOOT gives you a customizable and attractive product description tab that compels customers to make a purchase. In such tabs, you can integrate your reviews, add pictures, modify the design, customize colors, and can do much more in just simple ways.