Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and it’s time to buckle yourself to ready your eCommerce store. 

But do you know what do you require to boost sales on BFCM?

While it’s mandatory to prepare your store with BFCM exclusive deals, it’s also vital to focus on building your list. You can start focusing on building your subscribers list a week before the big day. Perhaps, the more subscribers you have, the more revenue you can generate from your store. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss 9 effective ways to build your subscribers list for BFCM. 

Let’s dive into them.

Ways to Create BFCM Subscribers List

Building your subscribers list requires some strategic and proven ways. Here are the 9 effective ways to build your subscribers list for BFCMs and quickly grab visitors email addresses: 

Email collection bar 

Having an email collection bar is one of the powerful ways to build your subscribers list for BFCM. 

Though there are many email collection apps available in Shopify, however, XOOT email collection bar can be the right solution for you. 

email subscribers bar

Build with elegant templates, advanced customization features, geolocation, and device targeting options, flexible content modification, and much more this app can instantly help you in growing your subscriber’s list. 

Let’s take a closer look at these features: 

Customization- Using the app, you can change color, background pattern, fonts, and can even add animations so that the bar voice and appearance both match your store theme.

Targeting- XOOT allows users to display a bar to your target audience based on several parameters including device and country.

Smart Triggers- Set email collection bar to appear on a defined position, after a set time period, and allow users to hide the bar.

Ideally, you can conduct A/B testing of bars to analyze which one suits you the best and increase your conversions. 

Plus, the app is free of cost and includes 25 other apps in itself that work at an ultrafast speed. 

Using the app, you can capture traffic attention and drives them to an action that can turn them into subscribers. 

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Play and win

A great email collection way is to offer a play-and-win game. When a user plays a game and wins an exciting prize, you can ask for their email address and send the winning coupon code or any other prize directly to their given address.

They will be attracted to enter their address as a coupon will be waiting for them in their inbox. According to research conducted by Blippr, coupon users spend around 37% extra during checking out from the store than regular customers. 

play and win

Besides offering a coupon code, a merchant can also offer a percentage (%) off a certain value range, a limited time discount, or you can simply offer free shipping on the next order purchased from the store. 

Email collection popup 

Out of the 9 effective ways to build your subscribers list for BFCM, Email collection popups can be greatly effective as they are specifically used to capture the email addresses of online visitors. 

As per a recent study, having an elegant popup app in your store can improve your conversions by over 17%. 

However, to ensure that your popups instantly capture leads and are well effective, you need to consider your marketing goals strategically.  A rightly timed, rightly positioned, and rightly designed popup can build your subscribers list for BFCM with ease.

email collection popup

Take XOOT’s Email Collection Popup (soon to be launched) for example. Besides offering an email collection bar, XOOT also offers a customizable email collection popup app to its customers. 

Not just being customizable, the app also includes advanced targeting features, campaigns set up, vibrant templates, and a lot more to personalize and optimize your store’s conversions.

Create a Quiz

Create a Quiz

Quizzes attract everyone and creating one for your online store can be really helpful. They are not only valuable in building subscribers list but are also play an important role in converting leads into potential customers.

One of the popular quizzes is Oh my Disney, run by Disney to interact with their fans, promote products, and capture leads using their famous quizzes available on their store. Several quizzes are available on the site that grabs visitors’ attention and make them take the quiz.

Before building your quiz, make sure it’s engaging and matches with your store niche otherwise you won’t be able to capture the target audience. 

Collection customers information during checkout

When used in a well-mannered way, collecting customers’ information during or after checkouts can be really beneficial. They are capable of bringing the customers back again to your store and encourage them to make another purchase.

9 Effective ways to build your Subscribers list for BFCM- Collection customers information during checkout

Some users feel that having popups during shopping or while viewing a page can be really frustrating. But, collecting emails after or during checkout can be an effective way to build subscribers.

Such popups attract visitors and they can’t resist grabbing the offer and make another purchase.

Ask for information on the chat button

Displaying the WhatsApp chat button on your store can be another useful way of collecting email addresses. Using the button, you can collect customers’ email addresses in the initial step. 

When the chat button prompts, you can put an email addresses form or you can directly ask the customer.

9 Effective ways to build your Subscribers list for BFCM - ask for information on the chat button

A plethora of Shopify apps enable you to create different forms on your online store and you can further configure them with email marketing solutions. 

Push notifications

Another way to build subscribers list for BFCM is through push notifications. 

Push pop-ups are a decent method to quickly build subscribers list on BFCM from your current traffic. 

Best of all, the obstacle to entry for the client is exceptionally low. They don’t have to submit their email address to sign up. They simply need to confirm that they need to get notices through their browser.

In case you’re having a Shopify store, you can set up push pop notifications and instantly begin gathering subscriptions.

Subscriptions and Newsletters

Another way to build your subscriptions list for the big days is using “Subscriptions and Newsletters”. You can add appealing notifications on your store and to view them, ask customers to enter their email addresses. 

9 Effective ways to build your Subscribers list for BFCM- subscriptions and newsletter

You can display a newsletter offering deals information, product blogs, lifestyle visuals, etc. to inspire shoppers and create brand awareness. To avail of such facilities, add an email address button in your section.

To collect newsletters or subscriptions, you can follow the below ways: 

  • Add subscriptions or newsletters button in your Shopify store
  • A subscription box at the checkout
  • Use engaging pop-ups
  • Integrate subscription button in the welcome email

Wheel of fortune 

Wheel of fortune is another great way to build your subscribers list for BFCM. Adding this app to your store will instantly allow visitors to add their email addresses in the given space.

The app allows online visitors to play games by spinning the wheel. Further, they have to enter their email addresses to win the offered prize. Due to this ‘surprising’ factor, they can’t resist themselves from entering the email.

If you’re using Shopify, then enable the Wheel of Fortune app(soon to be launched) offered by XOOT. The app is configured with 25+ apps to collect customers’ emails, boost sales, improve revenue, reduce cart abandonment, etc. 

The app is fully customizable with advanced targeting options, multipurpose templates, and consists of beautiful and highly engaging designs. 

Closing Thoughts

So, here were the 9 effective ways to build your subscribers list for BFCM. Further, there are various methods to generate and capture leads in 2021. And, when you begin collecting emails, your subscribers’ list can be utilized to stay in touch with your audience. 

Promote exclusive offers, highlight products, display new features, send newsletters, etc once you have created your customer’s list. 

Email advertising ceaselessly shows the most elevated ROI of all channels. Hence you must begin thinking about your email list-building strategy today.