Who doesn’t want to earn more from their Shopify store? Of course, everyone! But do you know you can earn even after a customer has purchased an order? Yes, you heard that right. So, here is an easy way to collect extra money after the checkout process has been initiated by the shopper. 

You can engage customers back to your store and earn extra money by adding just one single app in your store. Therefore, you won’t require to follow multiple ways or install several apps to collect additional amounts even after a customer has checkout.

Way to Earn Extra Money After Checkout

Having a Shopify store requires you to add multiple apps to grab visitor’s attention and serve them well. Though each app has its own benefits and serves a specific purpose, however, with XOOT you get promising 40+ apps in one. Currently, more than 25 have been launched and a few more are on their way to be launched. 

XOOT offers powerful apps that can serve the needs of small to big merchants and assists them in protecting stores, boosting sales, increasing conversions, reducing cart abandonment, collecting emails, building trust, and integrating reviews.

Surprisingly, they have an app, named Post Purchase Upsell, that dedicatedly works to draw customers back to the store after they have purchased an item or product.

The app won’t also increase your average order value but will also boost revenue overnight. 

Now, you might be wondering that there are a plethora of Upsell apps in the Shopify store, then why we’re focusing on XOOT’s Post Purchase Upsell app? Well, here are some of the reasons that justify why XOOT is the right choice for your store: 


Create single or multiple post-purchase upsell campaigns triggered by what kind of product or collection your customers buy and what products do you wish to offer on them.

Set the criteria

Using a single click, decide on which products and collections you wish to display this post purchase upsell app. You can choose all or specific ones from the given list. 

Choose the product(s)

Specify which products you want to display in your offer. You can select one or multiple products for upselling.

Display elegant heading 

You can have one or multiple upselling campaigns hence make sure that their content or heading is eye-catchy and could grab visitor’s attention at a glimpse. 


Modify the layout and appearance of the post purchase upsell offers in single clicks. Below are some of the options available in customization where no coding is required:

Reflect your brand appearance

XOOT post purchase upsell offers vibrant color schemes for headings, action buttons, product titles, sale prices, and regular prices.

Customize the style

Modify offers by using animated effects, setting a capturing position, and displaying a lively style.

Create your offer

Choose discount value and type for your offer. You can also add a Countdown timer on the offer to create urgency and build FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).


Capture desired audience with advanced targeting features. Add various kinds of targeting features in just a single click.

Reach specific audience

Limit your audience reach with geolocation and device targeting. Reach customers making certain orders and minimum spending amount.

Prioritize offers

Since you’ll be creating multiple offers, based on the priority, choose which one to show first.


Measure the statistics of every post purchase upsell offer to determine which one leads to better revenue and has impacted your AOV.

View revenue

The app allows you to view revenue generated from different campaigns. You can view and compare the revenue generated from month to month in a strategical form as well.

Monitor conversions

See your post purchase upsell conversion ratio by viewing impressions, clicks, orders made, and rejections for each campaign.

Some other features of XOOT Post Purchase Upsell

Here are some other characteristics of the XOOT app-

  • Integrates with every Shopify theme
  • Create multiple campaigns with different parameters
  • Doesn’t impact store speed rather make it ultrafast
  • Mobile optimized
  • Single-click installation and customization
  • Heroic support 
  • No coding skills required
  • Completely FREE

You can view the live demo of Post Purchase Upsell here.

We understand that finding a real good app can be frustrating especially when you are busy with your store. This is the best app we found after doing extensive research, and we believe it would improve your conversions rapidly. 

Having a Post Purchase Upsell is the easiest way to collect extra money after the checkout process. The app instantly brings back the customers when they view a lucrative offer after purchasing a product. They feel the urgency and couldn’t resist another purchase.