Most Shopify merchants don’t get rich overnight. Instead, they try many apps and then select the one that can help them to build wealth over time. But, to make your research less complicated, here are the best apps for beginners to be millionaire.

We can’t guarantee using these apps will make you rich overnight, but they can help you to kick off a good start.

So, here are some of the best apps for beginners to be millionaire: 

  • Vitals 
  • XOOT
  • ONE+ Pop Ups & Email Marketing
  • SEO Optimizer
  • Easyship


Vitals is an all-in-one sales and marketing tool that comprises 38 Shopify apps. The apps are designed to capture leads, build trust, boost AOV (Average Order Value), and increase conversions.

Apps like Stock Scarcity, Currency Converters, Shipping Information, Pop-ups, Payment Logos, Instant Search, Quick Access Links are some of the apps provided by Vitals.

Further, they offer free guides and live tutorials to set up different apps which are fully customizable with design modifications, changing colors, content rewriting and much more in simple steps.

The app promises to deliver better experiences to merchants and online customers. Alex + Nova, The Skinny Food Co., VaporDNA, etc. are some of the customers of Vitals.

Pricing: $29.99 per month 

Total Apps: 38 apps



XOOT is one of the best apps for beginners to be millionaire. It’s a powerful app that consists of more than 25 Shopify apps. All the apps are fully configured without any conflict and run at an ultrafast speed. 

If you’re a newbie in the eCommerce market or new to Shopify, XOOT can help you to boost your store sales, increase revenue, reduce cart abandonment, build trust, collect emails, protect the store, improve conversions, and much more in simple ways without the use of coding.

Geolocation Redirect, WhatsApp Chat, Frequently Bought Together, Product Description Tabs, Upsell and Cross-Sell (Post and Pre Purchase), Image ALT Attributes, Size Chart, Facebook Messenger, Sales Pop, Agree to Terms & Conditions Checkbox, and many more! 

Each app includes full customization options with advanced settings, custom positions, eye-catchy templates with festival themes, geolocation and device targeting features, campaigns setup, and a lot more. 

Their Help Center provides guidance towards each app and makes the desired steps easy. 

24/7 heroic multi-channel support is offered on the XOOT store and on their help center. 

Serving customers such as LOLA’s Co.,, Resolve, Hanlyn Collection, Timon Andre Fashion, the Nalika, Rafsco, Juliete Store, etc., they have built up a great reputation in the global Shopify world.

Pricing: FREE 

Total Apps: 25+ apps


ONE+ Pop Ups & Email Marketing

ONE+ Pop Ups & Email Marketing is a perfectly designed app for SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Pop-ups, Gamification, Social Proof, and much more. 

The app consists of 18 different apps in one that works dedicatedly on email marketing and creating pop-ups to meet several requirements of merchants.

These 18 apps include Newsletters, Bulk SMS Messages,  Sales Pop, Recently Viewed, Thank You Gifts, Product Upsell, and many more.

402&,, Ad Libertas are some of the customers using ONE+ Pop Ups & Email Marketing app.

Pricing: FREE

Apps: 18 apps


SEO Optimizer

Another app included in the list of best apps for beginners to be millionaires is SEO Optimizer.

The app is built specifically for online merchants to autopilot their on-page SEO process and get ranked on Google and other search engines. 

With one-click installation, you can optimize your store’s images, meta title, alt text, meta descriptions, sitemaps, and a lot more. The app allows you to automatically monitor broken links like 404 not found, etc. that may reduce your conversion rates. 

Further, the app sends you a weekly report consisting of all the important workflow related to your store’s SEO.

Pricing: Pro Plan: $29.88 per month and Premium Plan: $44.99 per month

Apps: 1 app



Easyship is an all-in-all app dedicated to shipping. The app works on a Cloud-based platform and allows merchants to compare and choose from over 250 shopping or courier services. 

Being a Shopify merchant, you can configure your own shipping account prevalent in several companies like FedEx, DHL, UPS, APC, and many more.

Further, the app allows you to sync all your orders with a single click and allows you and your customers to track the shipment from time to time.

The app promises to offer 70% less shipping charges as compared to others; hence empowering merchants to grab more customers.

Easyship is a perfect tool for merchants who would like to scale their shipping options across the globe and control everything automatically.


Free to install. Charges are levied as per shipments.

Apps: 1 app



So, here were some of the best apps for beginners to be millionaires. All these apps have been suggested after long research and in-depth analysis. Each of the apps has some pros and some cons hence it’s advisable that you must look at the different parameters while trying an app. 

Free apps can be less risky as you get the chance to explore them without spending money. However, paid ones need to be carefully examined. 

While selecting any app, make sure it has approachable customer support with live chat, guides for support, a user-friendly interface, covers all the desired apps, possesses a blazing fast speed, and much more! 

If you have doubts regarding any app or want expert help, then simply use our floating chat button on the bottom right side of the screen.