Cookie Bars are an important part when running an online business. Various laws like the EU’s GDPR law, require one to enable a cookie bar in their store especially when you’re targeting European customers. 

What is a Cookie Bar?

A cookie bar is a small and non-intrusive way to inform your customers that you comply with EU guidelines. Plus, using Cookie Bar quickly obtain consent from the visitors that you are collecting their information to improve their shopping behavior. 

When a new visitor lands at your store, a bar automatically appears at the bottom of the page informing your customers that you’re using cookies on your Shopify store. They will have to approve or allow the same to continue using the site.

Cookie Bar is generally lightweight in size so that there is a minimum risk of slowing the site speed. However, they are extremely important because almost all countries have laws and guidelines to obtain consent from visitors. Without having this bar, you won’t be able to assist EU and other countries’ visitors. 

A privacy link or Terms and Conditions link is often added in the Cookie Bar.

XOOT Cookie Bar

Along with 25 other apps, XOOT also provides a pre-built Cookie Bar for its customers. The app can be enabled within a single click and offers free magnificent designs that can suit your store theme or goes with an upcoming festival vibe. 

View Live Demo: Cookie Bar 

XOOT allows you to quickly add Cookie Bar in your store that will protect you from GDPR guidelines compliances prevailing in Canada, US, and EU. It will inform your visitors that you are using cookies in your store and you can directly invite them to your privacy page; thus making you aligned with current EU GDPR laws. This simple function will protect your brand and allows you to sell across the globe with ease. 

The app is really good to use with no technical skills required for installation and operation. It’s a one-click install for you and you can customize with ease in just a few steps. The bar has a designing section that perfectly matches your store’s theme. Being free, it is ideally perfect for the ones who are a limited budget. 

XOOT Cookie Bar Highlights

  • It’s a 100% free app that permits you to stay compliant with all laws.
  • Match the cookie bar with the brand’s website design.
  • No coding skills are required for installation and coding.
  • Fully optimized to be compatible on all devices.
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