If you are not using the correct structures of upsell and abandoned cart, then you are missing out on a huge amount of revenue.

Let’s discuss correct structures of upsell and abandoned carts one by one! 


Upsell is a great way to boost sales and improve Average Order Value (AOV). It’s expected that selling a new product to a new customer has less probability of buying, however, selling a new product to an existing customer has huge chances that the customer will purchase them. 

And, since having product recommendations can drive your overall revenue to a higher level, putting the correct structures in front of customers at the right time is very important.

Before moving ahead and learn the correct structures of upsell and abandoned cart, let’s have a glimpse at upselling.

Upselling is convincing the customers to upgrade their product or buy an expensive model of the same. How do merchants upsell? Let’s take a look at Amazon upselling-

Here the customer wishes to purchase an iPhone with 32GB but at the same time, Amazon shows products with higher memory of 128GB and 256GB.

That is what we call Upselling! 

There’s a great thing about upselling. It won’t just improve your Average Order Value (AOV) but will also increase customer lifetime value. Customers spending more money while purchasing is all that a merchant desires.

Below are some of the best practices & advanced tips for Upsell

Choose the right products

When planning to offer upselling in your store, make sure you choose the right products. You can’t upsell all products available in your store so make a list of products that you would like to add.

Secondly, decide what kind of upselling or version upgrade will suit your decided products. Are you going to offer a bigger, faster, stronger, or better modal? Another popular upgrade that you can apply in your store is better service. If you’re selling devices with a warranty, you can upsell the same by offering an extended warranty.

Always offer the Upsell….

The more upsell offers you show to your clients, the more chances you have that they will take one. So offer your upsell on the products where you can. 

Some places suitable for upselling include: 

Product pages- where you get different opportunities to flaunt product versions. 

Add to Cart page- Show upsell feature when customers have added products to their page. Perhaps, it’ll be an extraordinary opportunity to show beneficial products or upsell services that assist them with getting additional worth based on the item they’re intending to purchase.

Besides on the ATC page, you can display the upsell feature on the checkout page as well.

…. But Don’t Push too Hard

Even though your customers really desire to take advantage of the upselling feature, pushing it too hard will annoy them. If you display the upsell offer everywhere in your store even before and after a customer makes a purchase, it would be really annoying. 

Further, if you show your upsell popup at the wrong time, the customers may simply leave the store or won’t make a purchase at all.

However if you show the same at the right time, you may get a potential customer and even increase your average order value by making a better sale.

To achieve the same, some online merchants place the upsell offer right below the product description so only the interested people can purchase the offer.

Besides, try avoiding placing upsell offers on certain pages of the store specifically on the home page. This can annoy the customers and they may leave the store asap.

Missed Adding Some Personalized Features?

Having some personalized features in upselling works wonders! And, they work even much better if you add personal recommendations. 

According to research, around 80% of customers are likely to purchase an upsell offer if a merchant provides either:

  • Understands the customer’s history
  • Make recommendations on the basis of customer shopping behavior
  • Send personalized emails of upselling offers 

Hence, while creating upsell offers, you don’t only need to add relevant products but those products must also be cherished by the customer. Of course, you can’t upsell a bag with clothes to a woman who usually shops for ornaments.

Let’s Build FOMO and Create Urgency!

Adding an urgency like a Countdown timer in your upsell offers will build FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) among customers and they won’t resist themselves from buying it.

If you want to upsell your products available only for a limited time, then you can market them through XOOT. Using XOOT, you can add an attractive Countdown Timer, modify your upsell design, view the in-depth analysis, create campaigns, and can even target certain countries and devices.

Besides upselling, you can even cross-sell your products to the customers using the XOOT. 

Upsell -To Be Continued….

Don’t stop at pre-purchase upsell rather continue the order once the customer has purchased the product from your store. 

For example, XOOT offers a Post Purchase Upsell app where merchants can showcase recommended products using an elegant pop-up. The popup appears just after the customer has made a purchase from the store.

To grab visitor’s attention, you can add confetti and can even encourage them to buy using an elegant Countdown Timer and direct checkout button.

Cart Abandoned 

Are you looking for the best practices and tips for cart abandonment?  

Using XOOT apps to reduce or recover cart abandonment is one of the easiest and perfect ways to boost your sales.

It won’t only bring your customers back to the store but can be a good start to keep customers for lifelong.

Before moving ahead, let’s have a quick look at Cart Abandoned.

Usually, customers add a product to the cart and due to some reason they leave the store and open a new browser tab. That is where you need some effort to bring the customer back to the store. 

Cart abandonment is one of the major problems that Shopify owners face these days. According to recent data, 9 out of 10 people who put their products on the cart list decide to leave the store before making the checkout process.

That’s a huge revenue loss!

Here are the best practices and advanced tips for Cart Abandoned

Re-engage inactive customers

When customers are on their way to make a purchase for an order, you require everything to go smoothly. Even the slightest distraction can move away from the order placement or they can even forget that an item is available in the cart.

So, as they add the item to their cart list, they may wander off to another store or may do other things that can steal their attention.

That’s where you need to re-engage them back to your store.

Having an app that can bring them to your store’s checkout page is all that you require. Though there are many apps, that can make this possible, however, having a XOOT Inactive Tab Message app will surely be perfect. 

Through this app, you can display attention-grabbing content on the browser tab title. The app works just after a customer moves away from the store and opens a new tab. 

The merchant can add an eye-catchy icon next to the content to bring the customers back to the store.

“Badge” works wonders! 

Having a Cart Count Favicon app is an effective way to bring your customers back to the purchase. Through the app, you can display leftover cart items in the browser’s tab favicon and encourage customers to continue purchasing.

The badges can be customized in all ways possible. Though not all apps are competent enough to offer such facilities, however, XOOT has inbuilt cart abandonment apps that have proven to be really efficient.

These badges not only provoke customers to buy products kept “on hold” in the cart but also provide a lifelong potential customer. 

….But Don’t Forget to Add a Timer

Take things to the next level with a countdown timer!

Creating a sense of urgency is a must when you wish to boost your sales for your eCommerce store.

According to research around 75% of customers make purchases due to the build-up of FOMO. But they get distracted or wish to wait for more time before executing an order. However, sometimes this wait becomes much longer and they simply forget about the order placement. 

Fortunately, you can prevent this by adding a Countdown Timer in the tab’s title, or else you can add the Cart Reserved Timer app offered by XOOT. With a few simple clicks, you can customize and encourage customers to finalize their purchase before they missed it.

Wrapping Up

Many correct structures of upsell and abandoned cart can be really useful to boost sales the right way. However, getting a free app that covers all is an easy way. 

XOOT is an all in all free app that has over 25+ apps. It is designed for merchants to increase revenue, boost sales, reduce cart abandonments, collect emails, build social proof, etc.

The app has in-built upsell apps namely Frequently Bought Together, Pre Purchase Upsell, and Post Purchase Upsell. All these apps are placed in the right position and appear at the right moment.

All you have to do is install the app in your store and make customizations as desired. Without coding skills requirements you can make all the major and minor changes in the apps. Plus, you get in-build correct structures of upsell and abandoned cart and even of other apps too.

And, their super helpful support team will guide in every step of installing and customization of the apps.