Email collection is no more difficult- is still a concern for many!

Collecting emails can be one of the oldest forms of online marketing, but email still rules when it comes to usage.

Perhaps, there are other means of connecting with online visitors. Communication methods like social media, chatbots, etc. are quite popular. However, with a worldwide user base of more than 4 billion people, email is a kind of marketing tool where you connect with existing and potential customers with ease.

Email is still ranked as the most effective online marketing tool from where you can create a long subscribers list. And, not to forget that each year the number of email users increase dramatically.

Email Collection is no more difficult- number of email users
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Now, let’s walk through how you can quickly collect email addresses from online visitors. 

Email Collection Steps

Before you begin sending out your emails, you must be aware of the ways in which you can collect emails from customers. Collecting an email is not an easy task but if the right strategies are implemented then you can have a long list of customers.

Offer an Incentive

When trying to collect emails from customers, make sure you have something to offer. A huge discount or a lucrative incentive would attract more customers to join the list. 

There are many ways to do so. Some merchants opt to offer free products by subscribing to the list while others give a handsome discount on the next purchase. 

If you are running an online store, then you can provide upcoming sales or discounts information to the users who’ll be subscribing to your list.

Follow EU Guidelines

You’ll also want to make sure that your email collections follow GDPR rules and regulations. Certain countries require visitors to have a privacy page link in their email collection notifications and if you breach GDPR guidelines, then you could suffer a fine.

Provide Great Content

Collecting emails requires attractive content. Content that would attract customers’ attention at a single glimpse is all that is required. 

Hence, make sure you write eye-catching and engaging content so that customers enter their email addresses without thinking much.

Use Attractive Designs and Animations

While planning for collecting email addresses from customers, make sure the artwork is capturing the attention. To achieve the same, you can add vibrant colors, bigger font sizes, splendid designs, and button animations. 

Make it more appealing by adding a background color and try placing it on top of the page.

Why is Email Collection No More Difficult?

Email collection seems to be difficult but not with XOOT. Yes, you heard it right! XOOT may be a new name for you but within a short duration of its establishment, it has provided ample benefits to various store owners.  

Let’s give you some brief information about XOOT!

XOOT is a powerful yet FREE Shopify app that includes 25 conversion-boosting apps. Each app is configured in an excellent way to avoid any conflict among apps. Further, every app provides the flexibility of comprehensive customization and advanced settings features. 

Along with other 25+ apps, XOOT has an appealing Email Collection Bar app. Besides its advantage of being free, the app is super engaging and easy to customize. 

Using a single installation, the app can be enabled in your store. And, here are some features that make email collection a pretty easy task:

Appealing designs and pre-built templates 

XOOT offers stunning designs of pre-built email collection templates. These templates suit every store theme and go with all occasions or festivals. They are simplistic yet so beautiful with vibrant background patterns of different colors.

Email Collection is no more difficult - xoot

XOOT email collection bar is an ideal app to instantly grab visitors’ attention and is well suited to every business- big or small.

Follow GDPR compliance

Not every app permits one to follow the GDPR guidelines of various countries like the EU, Canada, and the US. But, with XOOT you can add a link to your privacy policy page in the email collection bar and comply with their guidelines.

Being an online merchant, it’s mandatory to add Terms and Conditions page links in the bar so that you can directly invite them to your page.

In the XOOT email collection bar app, you have to simply add your page link; hence without the use of coding, you can handle the task by yourself.

Add eye-catchy message

Indeed, email collection is no more difficult with XOOT as you can easily add an engaging message on the bar. You can customize it according to your needs or keep changing according to festivals. 

Email Collection is no more difficult- add eye catchy message

You can even change the “submit action” button contained in the email collection bar and can make a plethora of other changes. 

Modify appearance and action button

The email collection bar of XOOT allows a merchant to modify its appearance, change, text and background color, adjust gradient angle, font size, and even font-weight. Several background patterns are offered in the app with light and dark pattern mode options.

Further, a merchant can even customize the Action button by changing its text color, font size, background color, font weight, and you can even add borders on the same.

All such customizations are possible with just a single click. 

Make advanced settings

Using XOOT, you won’t just avail usual settings; rather a list of comprehensive setting options will be offered to you and all these functions won’t require coding at all.

Using the advanced settings, you can adjust the position of the email collection bar. Besides this, you can define when you wish to display the bar on your site and can even enable visitors to hide the bar.

Target device, geolocation, and more

XOOT allows the merchants to grab the email address of visitors using specific devices and residing in a particular country. For instance, you wish to show the email collection bar only for mobile users, simply choose from the given options.

Similarly, in case you desire to display the email collection bar only to Canada and Spain visitors, then you can do so with just a click.

Further, you can even exclude the bar from certain pages of your store and can run multiple campaigns too. Not just this, many more options are offered in XOOT’s email collection bar app.

If you are looking for an Email Collection Bar, you will definitely consider its fees, customization features, compatibility, support, etc. and XOOT stands perfectly on these grounds. Hence, through the article, you get to know why Email Collection is no more difficult!