Two of the greatest shopping days for online customers are rapidly drawing closer: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a Shopify store owner, these two days are fundamental to expand your sales and enhance your brand presence. Hence, today we will guide you on how to set up your store for Black Friday Marketing.

These 12 Black Friday marketing ideas are intended to drive more traffic and boost sales during the greatest shopping period. You can begin executing them with the goal that your store is prepared to receive the rewards of impulse customers.

You don’t want to miss seasonal promotional opportunities — especially to your competitors who may have started preparing already. 

Indeed, we have now completely entered into the Black Friday marketing stage: apparently the most important part for fruitful sales. 

Lot goes into Black Friday marketing, especially in this undeniably digital year where competitors stand in every step of business: 

Innovativeness is key to winning mindshare, yet channel distribution might be important to win deals. 

Returning and net-new clients have distinctive shopping behavior, but the simplicity makes it simpler for retailers to rapidly adapt. 

Physical shopping has new difficulties, pushing brands to focus extra on online deals. 

Keeping all these three points in mind, let’s plan some tips and ideas for BF sales.

12 Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Consider in 2021

Here are the few Black Friday Marketing ideas that will help you in refining your efforts to boost sales:

Deal of an hour 

For high traffic stores, having hourly deals covers numerous bases at once. It not only encourages spending but by keeping your BF sales a surprise, it brings customers back to the store.

It helps to offer Black Friday sales on all things in addition to the Deal of the Hour. For example, assuming you offer 40% off on all products, your Deal of the Hour could be 50% off/ higher. You can further limits on specific brands or things or different blends of deals. Remember to make a landing page flag for every hour you’ll have a promotional deal.

You can also give a fun, unique name to your deal of the hour promo, like Musician’s Friend did:

Guide to Setup Store for Black Friday Marketing- deal of an hour

While promoting your Deal of the Hour, consider having promotional artwork on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Since you’ll be more occupied than usual on that day, it’s recommended to automate your advertisements or posts on these platforms in advance from your deal day.

Marketing your Deal of the Hour requires the efforts of a team to oversee social media, artworks, client requests, and administrative work. 

Make a Gift guide

Gifts guides permit online customers to find you during the Black Friday season. A Gift Guide features your items, sales, or deals, however, it also provides a feeling of guidance for shoppers looking for gifts.

“Presents for Crossfit Lovers,” “Crossfit Gifts for Her,” “Crossfit Gifts for Him,” and “Smart Crossfit Gifts” are a few examples of gift idea searches a Crossfit lover may look to discover you in case you were selling Crossfit gear. 

There are two different ways to handily make a gift guide: 

  • By making a collection
  • By composing a gift ideas blog post

To build a collection on Shopify, make a product tag with a similar name. Then, at that point, go to all product pages that need to be highlighted in this gift guide and add the product tag. Shopify will automatically curate the collection. 

Making a blog post in Shopify somewhat requires more work but it can be a more powerful SEO strategy. Consider making it a list. For instance, 40 Gifts for Crossfit Lovers. If you plan to outclass the opposition on Google for comparable gift guides, see what they’re doing. 

Google “presents/gifts for CrossFit lovers” and search for the top-ranked article, then, at that point compose an article/blog that highlights more products to encourage better click rates. 

Guide to Setup Store for Black Friday Marketing- make a gift guide

To get more traffic to your Gift Guides, include them on a landing page, home page, or maybe a different spot on your site where they’ll be easily seen. Promoting the Gift Guides via emails and banners is additionally an extraordinary method to attract clients during Black Friday sales.

Offering a gift with every purchase

Offering an impressive gift is a pleasant Black Friday Marketing plan for customers. During the BF season, you can attract customers by offering a gift of a small value like $2.00 on every purchase. You can also offer a gift on a purchase made over a certain value or can offer free shipping as a gift.

You can also offer free coupons or gift cards on a purchase made by a customer. This won’t only attract customers to your store but will also prove to be an effective Black Friday marketing plan.

Guide to Setup Store for Black Friday Marketing- offering a gift with every purchase

In case you are selling beauty products for women, then you can offer a free bracelet or earrings with order fulfillment. On the other hand for men, it’s better to offer cufflinks, pocket squares, or stud set accessories. 

For a home decor niche, you can offer a free vase or a small decorative piece on every purchase made by a customer during the Black Friday sales. 

Extend your Black Friday marketing plan to Cyber Monday

A compelling Black Friday marketing idea that has become significantly more common is extending your sales. The day after Thanksgiving used to be the main day for merchants to have their best deals, however, presently the sales continue to boost till Cyber Monday. 

Accordingly, most online business retailers broaden their marketing plan through the full four days. By expanding your sales and marketing strategy, you’ll have the option to acquire clients and can benefit from them. You can even begin earlier by putting up deals like Best Buy, as an early Black Friday marketing sales. 

Guide to Setup Store for Black Friday Marketing- extend your black friday marketing plan to cyber monday

Since Black Friday sales are the most well-known, you’ll need to put in your energy on those first. One strategy is to offer exclusive offers on all of your items or products on Black Friday, and follow this on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with offers just on your Best Selling items.

Don’t forget your existing customers

Email advertising is an incredible way to bring sales. According to a survey for each $1 you spend on email advertising, you can possibly earn $42. 

With regards to the Black Friday marketing plan for emails, there are two methodologies:

Previous Customers- Contact your previous customers and offer them an extraordinary VIP discount code that gives them extra savings when they’ll make a purchase. Since they have already made a purchase from your chance, hence chances are higher that seeing this discount code, they can purchase once more. 

On the off chance that they’ve recently purchased an item from your store, your image will be new to them so make certain to incorporate those shoppers too. In case you don’t have your customer email list, you might need to run a few campaigns to work out using an email collection bar before Black Friday so you can email them at the end of the week. 

Potential Customers- With regards to sending messages to expected clients, email them the sales or deals you’ll have that day so they continue to return to your store. In case you’re planning to market specific products or collections, ensure their pictures are interactive so individuals can go straightforwardly to their pages to make their buys. Also, make certain to focus on your email titles and subject lines. 

For the two Black Friday marketing email plans, know your crowd, and that your email promoting practices cling to GDPR guidelines for the customers situated in Europe (EU).

Offer a glimpse of Black Friday deals

A simple Black Friday showcasing approach is to make a gif or an impressive short video of products that will be on sale while mentioning their promotion before the big day. Make sure to advance the sneak look on your web-based media accounts. This forms expectation for your Black Friday bargains, making individuals “line up” at your online store prepared for the deal. 

You can make a free slideshow, or use free pictures from various online apps. In case you’re up for a challenge, you can add some truly special pictures with the help of expert photographers. The video must be powerful enough to capture the attention of customers and encourage them to make a purchase. 

Use Hashtags

When creating a Black Friday marketing plan, you must add some Black Friday centered Instagram hashtags along with your normal hashtags. You’ll need to incorporate hashtags, for example, #blackfriday #cybermonday #sale #blackfridaysale #blackfridaydeals. This will permit you to reach clients who are explicitly searching for sales for such days. 

Guide to Setup Store for Black Friday Marketing- use hastags

Using these sorts of hashtags works admirably for normal items like design, home decor, and gadgets. If you sell more advanced items, this may not function just as individuals are less inclined to look for these sorts of items under Black Friday hashtags. If your items are not intended for a bigger crowd, consider focusing on the special hashtags that typically function admirably for you. 

Increment Your Ad Spend 

While planning Black Friday marketing ideas you must remember that your ad will be much costlier than expected. Perhaps, the profit from Black Friday sales is seen by numerous merchants as a significant investment, explaining the increased spending. This implies that the cost per click (CPC) will be higher than expected. 

However, if you intend to publicize on Facebook, consider expanding your advertisement put in a couple of days out from Black Friday. This will give the promotion sufficient opportunity to upgrade for changes, and permit you to adjust and tweak before the enormous day. 

Guide to Setup Store for Black Friday Marketing- increment your ad spend

By going through more spending than you normally do, you’ll be more likely to be seen by potential clients. This is another motivation behind why it’s vital to mention Black Friday sales or have engaging discounts to grab individuals’ attention. 

Individuals will be prepared to purchase product(s) in case they’re given the right discounts and are offered impressive deals – at the right cost, at the perfect opportunity. The day after Thanksgiving weekend is all about this only.

A blanket or steep discount will help you with drawing in clients with the right price. Focus on your top-selling items while creating a Black Friday marketing strategy to promote the right deal. 

Make a Promotional Content Calendar 

As Black Friday moves closer, you’ll need to set your general procedure. An incredible initial step is to make a content schedule with what resources and content you need to share and when. Aim to prepare and begin your promotions on the seven-day stretches of Black Friday so your clients realize you will be offering deals. Your calendar ought to include: 

New illustrations and banners: You must make designs for online media posts, and email campaigns. You’ll likewise have to make another landing page banner and banner for any special video clips as well. 

Online media posts: Automating your social media posts early will make your life simpler. Work out an attractive copy with some relevant hashtags ahead of time. Focus on where your engaged followers are situated to guarantee that you post at the best time for them to see. 

Promotions and Marketing: Run the numbers to find out the amount of a discount you can offer to your clients without influencing your margins or profits too extraordinarily. If you offer VIP limits to certain clients for additional savings, you’ll need to guarantee that you’re actually making a benefit. Remember that you’ll spend more on publicizing and paying for the actual items, so be sure to accept those expenses into account as well. 

Guide to Setup Store for Black Friday Marketing- make a promotional content calendar

You can take motivation from your competitors or from big brands related to your niche. Go ahead and incorporate a number of the strategies they have up there in your own schedule. 

Offer Mystery Savings 

The component of surprise and mystery can be amazing in Black Friday marketing. Using such Shopify apps that permit you to add scratch cards, “strip it” offers, and other interactive experiences to your online store will boost its promotion.

Guide to Setup Store for Black Friday Marketing- offer mystery savings

Having scratch cards or other such mystery coupons can be fun and engaging as your customers will be brought towards your store through these excellent surprises. Offering a discount through gamification might tempt clients to remain in your store somewhat more. Additionally, It can assist with preventing cart abandons. 

Partner with a Non Profit

A rising pattern around Black Friday marketing is the number of stores presenting to donate a portion or all of their benefits to a charitable cause. This marketing idea not just draws in customers who aren’t tempted by discounts, yet it can drive a positive client view of your business. 

Guide to Setup Store for Black Friday Marketing- partner with a non profit

There are some apps that simplify the process of donating a percentage or a fixed amount per sale. In fact, it also allows you to highlight or feature certain specific products by connecting them with nonprofits or causes. 

What’s more? You can allow your customers to choose where they want their contributions to go.

Standard mail with a Coupon Code 

Who says you can’t advertise an online brand through offline methods? Around the Thanksgiving shopping season, promoting on the web becomes undeniably more costly and clogged with retailers definitely expanding advertisement spending plans. 

On the off chance that you’ve developed a strong client base, you can send a holiday or season card to your previous and existing clients. This could incorporate an individual note saying thanks to them for their buy during the year and an uncommon occasion rebate code solely for that person with their name as the code. 

Handwriting the name on the card makes it more customized. These little contacts are once in a while done by advertisers but still, they can be compelling for having a long-lasting effect.

Phew! Those were 12 Black Friday marketing ideas that should be kept in mind while you are going to plan during this busy period. 

Black Friday Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

While not each Black Friday Marketing campaign has similarities, hence there are certainly a few strategies you’ll need to avoid. Let’s understand the main mistakes to be away from while planning for Black Friday:  

1. Not understanding your purchaser personas

Our main advice for all online stores: comprehend your client first! This advice might sound extremely repetitive, however, it couldn’t be more vital to your Black Friday marketing achievement. As customers, we live in a world where we have never had more interruptions. Include living in a worldwide pandemic situation and we’re confronted with much more than expected. 

Having a Black Friday marketing campaign that is created especially for your purchaser personas will help your image stand separated from others and grab your clients’ attention. 

2. Zeroing in on just one showcasing strategy

Utilizing one marketing strategy restricts your potential buyer reach, but lacks the innovativeness and legitimacy purchasers’ expect from a store. While you might invest a larger part of your energy focusing on one to two advertising campaigns, such as influencer marketing or display advertisements, use the Black Friday season to attempt new roads. Maybe, you can get a few ideas from brands selling on Instagram or Facebook. 

3. Last moment arranging 

Quite possibly the most well-known mistake business of all sizes make during special times of year is late planning. This year, purchasers are shopping prior, which means you’ll have to begin similarly executing your promoting strategies. 

You have to attract customers way before they start buying. So, be ready with your plans, ideas, and campaigns to capture leads at the right time, before it’s too late.

4. Sending an excessive number of messages

Go to your inbox and check the number of promotional emails you get in a day. It’s presumably more than you’d expect. 

Presently, ask yourself which messages caught your attention. How were they different from others? 

Black Friday email marketing can undoubtedly be easy, yet it’s the messages that add worth and inventiveness that catch supporters’ eyes. A straightforward yet catchy title needs to start revenue, yet you’re simply going to increase your click through rates by creating a value add email. Be aware of the number of messages in your stream and know what purpose each of them serves. 

Following these Black Friday marketing ideas and avoiding these 4 mistakes will make less work for your team and further develop overall consumer satisfaction and will enhance loyalty.

Wrapping Up

The Black Friday 2021 season will create or break revenue goals for pretty much every B2C retailer. 

An expansion in clients shopping on the online stores combined with a steady stream of competition makes it harder for brands to prevail during such special times of the year, yet there are steps you can take ahead during Black Friday that can situate your image above others and earn loyal clients. 

One such step is integrating XOOT. The app consists of pre-embedded 25+ powerful Shopify apps which are crafted to boost revenue, conversions, and build trust among visitors. Additionally, it’s a 100% customizable app offering eye-catchy templates, designs, and several advanced setting options. 

Highlights of Xoot: 

  • All apps in XOOT work flawlessly together.
  • All enabled apps are loaded at once, dramatically increasing load speed.
  • Almost all XOOT apps are fully customizable.
  • Works with all standard themes. 
  • Single Multi-channel support is offered for all apps.

Install XOOT and begin planning a month or two before Thanksgiving. You must remember customers’ persona and have plans according to their choices or needs, and don’t forget about setting up lifetime value with your brand.