Due to the global pandemic situation, shoppers’ purchasing behavior has widely changed. Though many Shopify stores are putting their efforts to meet customers’ perspectives, a kids apparel store- Hanlyn Collective has been doing a wonderful job in enhancing their experience at a greater level. So, let’s dive in and learn how Hanlyn Collective is changing shoppers’ journey.

Hanlyn Collective understood these changes from a bigger picture perspective and took a major step for their store. This Canadian-based firm installed a Shopify app named XOOT in their store and from that day onwards, not just their sales are boosting high but their conversion rate is also improving. 

Before moving ahead, let’s hear more about XOOT first! 

XOOT is a free Shopify app that has in-built 25+ vital apps. These apps help merchants to build trust, protect stores, increase revenue, boost conversions, collect emails, and reduce cart abandonments that work at ultrafast speed.

Being fully customizable and single-click installation, the app has elegant designs, templates, geolocation and device targeting options backed by live previews, a help center, and a multi-channel support team.

Now, let’s hear which XOOT apps were installed by Hanlyn Collective to help improve shoppers’ journeys.

Sales Pop

XOOT offers two kinds of Sales Pop notifications to merchants- Add to Cart and Recently Added notifications. 

Using this customizable app, Hanlyn Collective is reflecting both these pop types to its customers. 

Enabling Sales Pop in the store is the way how Hanlyn Collective is changing shoppers’ journey. This social proof app not only creates FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) among customers but also makes their site look busy.

Visitors view recent purchase activities in their area and couldn’t prevent themselves from tapping on the pop. It improves their journey since they’ll be able to view what kind of products are popular in their area.

Free shipping bar 

Shoppers are quite concerned when it comes to shipping because sometimes the shipping price is higher than the product price. 

Displaying such a bar encourages shoppers to reach the goal amount and purchase an item with free shipment. 

Using the app, Hanlyn Collective has seen significant shifts in customer behavior- boosting sales and increase in purchase activity. 

XOOT Free Shipping Bar is fully customizable with attractive features like geolocation targeting, campaign setting, elegant templates, custom positioning, etc. 

Announcement bar

Announcement Bar is another XOOT app that has helped Hanlyn Collective in changing shoppers’ journey. 

Earlier, shoppers need to consistently visit the store again and again to view their recent announcements. 

However, those times have been over and Hanlyn Collective has proved that by installing an Announcement Bar. Through the app, they can showcase upcoming sales, discounts, promotions, information on recent products, or even the latest updates. 

This elegant bar captures shoppers’ attention and makes their experience much better. Now, they know when they have to come and make a purchase.

Payment badges

Payment Badges build trust among customers, ensure a safe and secure checkout, and showcase available major payment icons to the customers just below the ATC button- and this is how Hanlyn Collective is changing the shopper’s journey.

XOOT Payment Badges app has helped this big brand to enhance its checkout process and increase the conversion rate.

The ultimate goal for the shopper is to be able to safely proceed with the payment gateways. If the shoppers run into a site where their personal information like card details is not safe, they will quickly leave the site, abandon the cart, or will just give up.

Hence having a payment badge will be an ideal app for any eCommerce store.

Sticky add to cart

Having a Sticky add to cart app increases chances of conversion and ultimately boosts sales. 

Hanlyn Collective has enabled this XOOT app in its store to improve the customer journey and is making connections for a smoother experience. 

By installing the app, they allow customers to quickly purchase the item without scrolling to the top area.

Through the app, Hanlyn Collective controls where customers will go after clicking the button. And, they redirect their customers to the checkout page to receive a prompt sale.

Wrapping Up

Some interesting shifts continue to happen after 2020 which are driven by shopper’s needs and Hanlyn Collective thought of broadening it more by adding several XOOT apps in its store.

Having these apps has boosted store sales and has rapidly made major advancements in customer’s journey.

Several apps have been installed by this big Canadian brand with the prospect to ensure security and transparency to its customers.