Do you know HÁI Swimwear makes $1000 Extra Sales in just 3 days? Feels like a dream come true! Perhaps, who doesn’t want to earn additional money in just a few days? Obviously, all! 

But, how to make this possible is quite a big question.🤔Though we all know that earning such a huge amount or even a little amount in a few days requires hard work, creativity, and willingness to try different things, however being a Shopify store owner you would require much more than that.

Indeed, you would need the right products, consistency, and one more important thing- a good app! Having a relevant app will not only boost your sales but will also increase your conversions in no time.  

But what HÁI Swimwear did it was able to make an extra amount so easily and quickly? We all know that recently it installed an app named XOOT but can a single app boost an additional $1000 sales? 

Perhaps, it seems to be that adding XOOT has helped them in flourishing sales.

Without proofing much, here’s how HÁI Swimwear makes $1000 extra sales in just 3 days.

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As said earlier, recently this Taiwan-based swimwear store installed XOOT and took advantage of its inbuilt free conversion-boosting apps. From the range of its more than 25 apps, a few apps were installed by HÁI Swimwear that prompted its extra sale of $1000 in just 3 days.

Do you also wish to know what these apps are? 

Here are the apps that made HÁI Swimwear popular and bought customers to its store: 

Inactive Tab Message

A perfect app that helps to reduce cart abandonment by capturing the visitor’s attention when they move away from the store. 

The app displays an eye-catchy animation on the customer’s browser tab title and encourages him to come back to the store to complete the pending order or to make a new order.

On HÁI Swimwear’s online store, you can easily see this feature when you switch to another site. Using this feature in its store, customers couldn’t resist buying products online.

Sticky Add to Cart

Sticky Add to Cart not only helps customers to purchase an item quickly without scrolling up to the top but also boosts conversions at a great scale. 

HÁI Swimwear uses Sticky Add to Cart in their product section so that customers can buy the product with ease. When they scroll to the bottom of the page, coming to the top seems to be daunting, and to make their process easy, this Sticky ATC helps them to instantly add the product to their cart.

HÁI Swimwear allows its customers to simply tap the button and quickly buy the product without going to any other page of the store.

Announcement Bars

Announcement Bars are yet another XOOT app used by HÁI Swimwear in their store. Placed in an eye-catchy position, the app includes an elegant design and attractive content. 

Viewing such a lovely design and appealing offer, the store rapidly draws sales and this is the reason why HÁI Swimwear makes $1000 extra sales in just 3 days.

XOOT Announcement bar is fully customizable including modifying content, adding templates, changing appearance with vibrant colors, targeting specific countries and devices, and much more.

Payment Badges

Payment Badges are a great way to build trust among visitors and help them to safely and securely checkout from the store- and, HÁI Swimwear has perfectly made sure of that! 

The above-shown picture is taken from HÁI Swimwear’s description where the store is offering surety against its checkout process. 

Many store owners tend to neglect this app because it seems to be so little and of less importance but, in fact, having this app will boost your sales as it helped HÁI Swimwear to make $1000 extra sales in just 3 days.

Currency Converter

XOOT Currency Converter is not like other apps. It works perfectly well with Shopify Multi-Currency and automatically converts around 160+ currencies.

Since HÁI Swimwear is handling customers across the globe, hence it gives the opportunity to the store owner to connect with national and international customers and help in their checkout process with ease.

They can view the product price in their local language and encourage them to buy the same. By helping the customers to buy in their local currency, HÁI Swimwear not only boosted its sales but also decreased visitors’ frustration and reduced the cart abandonment rate.

Cart Count Favicon

Another XOOT app that grabs visitors’ attention to the leftover item in the HÁI Swimwear cart is Cart Count Favicon. 

With an elegant animation, the app displays current cart items in the customer’s browsing favicon. 

This is how HÁI Swimwear makes $1000 extra sales in just 3 days. And, all this with the help of a single app- XOOT.

Quick View

Quick View- another reason for HÁI Swimwear making abundant sales!

Adding such an app allows the customers to quickly view the app without leaving the catalog navigation. When HÁI Swimwear added this app to its store, the visitors got access to the product preview with a click. They added the products directly to the carts without reloading the whole new page; hence quickly boosting the sales.

The app doesn’t only reduce cart abandonments of HÁI Swimwear but also brought a convenient shopping experience to the customers. 

Making an extra sale of $1000 in just 3 days really isn’t that hard. You just need to pick XOOT and then enable an app from 25+ that matches your skills, interests, and requirements.

So what are you waiting for? That money isn’t going to make itself. Install XOOT and start earning!