The new Shopify market has gone beyond imagination. All the complexities related to international eCommerce have been removed and now merchants can sell their products across the globe.

But why the international market? Can’t merchants sell and profit from their national market?

Well, definitely they can do so but eCommerce is a global market offering global opportunities to both merchants and shoppers. In 2020, global market sales grew up to 25.7%, and it’s expected to double by 2022.

Shopify is already empowering merchants with international tools like multiple currency converters, international domains, automatic languages translations, import duties and fees calculators, international payment gateways, etc. But the appetite for the global market is growing dramatically; in 2021 around 25% of traffic on Shopify came from international customers.

For a new Shopify merchant or for an inexperienced one, this whole process of using international tools can be really daunting, which is why Shopify is making itself global by default. 

Shopify brings the future of the international market from where customers can reach new markets in simple clicks, boost sales with a tailored buying experience for each market, settings that automatically scale your business across markets.

“We believe the future of retail is retail everywhere. And with Shopify Markets, we’re making it even easier for merchants—no matter size or budget—to turn their global aspirations into reality” said Harley Finkelstein, President, Shopify. 

Having this new Shopify markets, shoppers of all kinds can:

Step in the Global Market with Ease

With just a few clicks, a merchant can enter the international market and can serve customers around the world. They can even analyze their earnings and check their performance across markets with a single dashboard.

Improve conversions with customized experiences for each market

Creating trust and boosting conversions across the markets requires some personalized solutions like currency converter and a tool to remove the language barrier. If shoppers can view product information in their localized language and can checkout in their local currency, then the chances of conversion get higher. In addition to this, Shopify offers its customers to customize:

  • Import and duty fees
  • Currencies in the local region
  • Language 
  • Payment methods
  • Products available in the local area
  • Domains with SEO optimization

Upgrade operations with smart settings

Shopify helps merchants to determine when, how, and where to sell the products in different regions of the world. Using Shopify’s smart settings, merchants can upgrade their operations since they won’t be required to manually set parameters for each market. Rather Shopify will make automatic settings for different market needs.

For example: While selling in Europe, merchants won’t be required to add EURO currency for checkout as the smart settings will find an ideal local payment method and will automatically surface the same during checkout.

Handle all global activities from a single platform

Shopify gives a single user-friendly platform to its customers to manage all big and small global tasks. From one dashboard, merchants can tackle multiple tailored activities and operations processing worldwide.  

Thanks to Shopify markets for offering a centralized eCommerce platform from which a merchant can optimize customized consumer experiences in different regions/markets and can monitor all the comprehensive business activities from a centralized place. 

New Shopify Market Tools

New Shopify Market includes tools that can help you to scale and optimize your international solutions. Using these tools, you can quickly create robust strategies to find, target, and control markets across the globe.

Some features and tools included in this Shopify market:

Personalized markets

Specify market areas relevant to your business and choose either one or multiple countries or regions based on your requirements.

Manage currencies

Take a step ahead in international business by automatically setting and controlling payment gateways of different markets.

Global inventory locations

Sell your products to the customers belonging to a specific region where your inventory is situated.

Automatic operations

Make everything automatic! Scale and optimize international markets without using operations manually.

Market analytics

With this new Shopify market, a merchant can quickly view a customer’s behavior, check his performance, and can make further predictions with ease.

This new Shopify market will be available in the coming days or months. Launching announcements have been made by Shopify experts to start early access for the customers to the global markets.

Source: Global by default: Shopify Markets becomes new global commerce hub for merchants