Between rising online competition and increasing customer acquisition costs, your offer and discounts, more than ever, play a significant role while planning successful Cyber Monday campaigns. 

The good news is you don’t need to run multiple campaigns in advance or cut off your prices if you simply follow our marketing ideas. 

With this guide and a few days of planning, you can execute profitable and successful Cyber Monday campaigns this holiday season.

So, let’s get started!

Problems with Blanket Discount During Cyber Monday Campaigns

Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday season and because it’s no longer than a week’s sales event, you’re more likely to observe sales, deals, and offers to extend till Christmas time.

However, offering blanket discounts till the end of the year won’t bring sales. Also, it will be hard to propel the continued engagement of the visitors in your store after you’ve announced your deals. This is a time when every store will compete for online attention even if they have to give higher discounts.

Additionally, promotional emails of 50 to 60% during the holiday season, floods the inboxes of every subscriber on the list because this is the peak time when storeowners only work for dollars.

With the growing popularity of Cyber Monday flash sales and offers, jumping straight to such a huge discount won’t be a wiser plan. You can end up hurting your profit margins as branding costs can rise during this time and certainly you don’t want it.

During Cyber Monday, saving at least a bit from your online store is perfectly normal. So, instead of adding these blanket discounts to your Cyber Monday campaign, here’s what you can do.

During Cyber Monday Campaigns, Focus on Average Value Order (AVO)

Perhaps, focusing on higher AVO can offset your advertising costs and will produce a larger profit margin for every sale.

Here’s a quick look at two different Cyber Monday campaign types: 

  1. 25% off on complete store
  • Average order value: $70
  • Product cost: $13.33
  • Discounted price: $52.50
  • Advertising cost: $20

Your Profit: $19.17

  1. Spend $200 & Get 35% Off 
  • Average order value: $210 
  • Product cost: $40 
  • Discounted price: $136.50 
  • Advertising cost: $20 

Your Profit: $76.50

By offering shoppers a higher discount for shopping at a higher cart value will significantly improve your profits margins on each order placed. As a result, many brands like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Milled, Medifoods, Shershegoes, Nimaco, Forever21, etc. have turned to “Buy More, Save More” promotional ideas.


Yet, an effective Cyber Monday campaign isn’t just about tempting clients with a convincing offer—you need to ensure that it stays beneficial for your business.

Working Backwards to meet your Cyber Monday campaigns goals

It isn’t extraordinary for online businesses to begin planning out their Cyber Monday campaign advertisements a while ahead of time. With the entirety of the publicity around the event, it can seem like the best way to succeed is to out-plan the competition. 

In reality, planning your Cyber Monday sales shouldn’t take more than a couple of days—as long as you know the answers to the right questions. Pairing a practical plan with clever and reachable objectives will permit you to characterize your success first and work in reverse to make your offering. 

It begins with answering these six fundamental questions:

  • What’s my expected earning goal?
  • How much revenue do I need to make to earn my goal?
  • How much traffic will be required to reach my goal?
  • Where will this traffic come from?
  • How much will I spend on online marketing?
  • How much should I earn on each order?

You must have answers to these questions before you run advertisements for the Cyber Monday promotion and make sure to use a calculative method while creating a budget for these campaigns.

8 Creative Promotion Ideas for Cyber Monday

Running successful and creative promotion ideas requires more than just creating strategies around store traffic and boosting sales. Most of your overall performance will be based on how creative your discount is and how you’ll promote them in the market.

While creating some innovative ideas require brainstorming, here are a few lesser-known ideas to boost your offers for the Cyber Monday event:

Promote gift-giving 

The holiday season followed by Thanksgiving is a time of offering gifts to friends, family, coworkers, and relatives. But for the ones who live separately or far away from their family, eCommerce is a better solution for filling this wide gap between them.

During such situations, the majority of the people prefer to surprise their loved ones by sending gifts to their addresses.  

You can make their online shopping journey more smoother by offering gift-related cross-selling and upselling features or apps. You can also provide them with free gift-wrapping services, personalized cards, customized coupons, etc., and can even provide a delivery date option with express shipping service to facilitate seamless services.

Multiple apps are available on Shopify stores that offer impressive gifting features during holidays and even offer customized solutions for sending gifts on a special day.

Provide a gift card with every purchase

This is one of the most beneficial features while planning a successful Cyber Monday promotion. Besides being a successful hit, this feature is the most creative one too. 

During a purchase when a customer has purchased or added value of a certain threshold, you can offer him a free gift card for a future purchase. Doing so will not only benefit the customer but will also ensure a possibility that he will make another purchase.

Cyber Monday gift card

Sending gift cards can only be redeemed once they are used and if the value of the card is higher, then the customer will make another purchase without wasting any time. 

It is believed that sending a free gift card brings two customers because sometimes the gift card is used by another person. (relative or friend of the cardholder)- So, it’s a win-win situation for both!

Curate product bundles

For obtaining a sound profit margin for your eCommerce store, you can put in various efforts and find valuable ways to succeed. But, one of the easiest ways to offer more value to customers while increasing the average order value of your store is to bundle products.

Based on your product’s availability and brand, you can take this idea further step by offering mystery bundles. These bundles will create some of your most demanded products available at a lower price. This won’t just attract customers but will also help you in clearing your underperforming inventory.

Cyber Monday bundle deal

You can even make this more better and attractive by showcasing your bundle’s product one by one. After a few days, you can display one of your “mystery” box products and create curiosity among shoppers. It will drive consistent traffic and revenue throughout the entire holiday season.

Create play-to-win offers

Gamifying your offers will encourage your customers to play and win- and Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to do so.

Cyber Monday play and win

Gamification comes with many forms such as Spin Wheel, Scratch card, etc. can change the upsell tactic; giving more value to your store. Shopify offers multiple apps to uplift your store selling and quickly boost conversion.

Offer limited-time sales

While planning a successful Cyber Monday promotion, make sure to offer a limited-time sale/offer too. This won’t be a regular 3-4 or 5 days sale but to engage new shoppers include an “Exclusive 1-day deal”.

Cyber Monday Exclusive 1 day deal

If you offer discounts for a few days, then customers won’t be much fascinated by this deal but creating a 1-day deal will create FOMO (Fear of Missing out) and a sense of urgency among them.

Because of this, customers will drive towards your store before they could miss this deal.

Present a gift with every purchase

Even though Cyber Monday is a day of sales and offers, many brands still fear losing their standard and luxury appeal by offering discounts. For such brands, an alternative way without slushing product prizes will be to offer small and curated gifts with purchase.

These gifts can be based on customer shopping behavior or the product chosen to be bought. For example, if a person buys a pair of shoes from your store, you can offer him personalized socks. 

While presenting a gift, make sure it matches with the item added to the cart list of a customer. Also, it should not be a low-cost item because that won’t drive many customers.

If you don’t wish to send personalized items, then you can even advertise a free product for a limited time.  Hence, no matter what your customer has added to his cart, he will get the offered product for free. 

Whatever gift you decide, create a sense of urgency & encourage customers to take advantage of it before it’s gone. You can quickly implement this type of offer with discount codes using the “Buy X get Y” option.

Opt for Affiliate Marketing

Partnering with influencers is one of the creative ways to plan successful Cyber Monday campaigns. Not just your brand is promoted effectively but it’ll also boost your online presence and build trust among visitors.

If it’s done with experts and in the right way, affiliate marketing can drive organic sales during peak time. 

The key to successful marketing is creating a plan in advance & knowing how your product will resonate with the audience. Plus, you must find an influential partner who has a strong audience reach & has some success stories in the past.

Planning an exclusive discount coupon to the influencer’s followers will help personalize the offer. Having the influencer curate a bundle of their favorite products builds a more authentic connection to the products they’re promoting.

Donate to a good cause

Donating your profits to a cause is a growing e-commerce trend that tends to shift retail services these days. Especially during Covid 19, many big brands choose not to run traditional Cyber Monday promotions at all. Instead, they denoted a portion of their profits or even complete profits to charities. 

Perhaps, many customers find this appealing and instead of asking for a discount, they happily paid for the product prices.

So, these were the 8 creative campaign ideas for Cyber Monday! 

Closing Up

Higher discounts and blanket deals aren’t the solitary approaches to propel customers on Cyber Monday. Nor are they fundamentally the best methodologies for your main concern. Planning your CM sales shouldn’t take much time, considering you’re asking yourself the right questions & setting savvy objectives. Effective Cyber Monday campaigns include thinking of a brilliant offer and executing it creatively. 

Taking the right steps to plan successful Cyber Monday campaigns will assist you in selling your best.