Improving your store conversion rate is not an easy task. But, with XOOT’s Trust Badges you can quickly build trust among visitors and can increase your conversion rate.

What is a Trust Badge?

A trust badge is truly what it seems like. It’s an identification that you put on your Shopify store page that imparts trust. You regularly find them during the checkout process, yet an ever-increasing number of merchants are showing them on their home or product pages. They are simple tools that can help with sales and fulfillment with your site. 

Trust Badges show visitors that your page is genuine and that any information they submit will be securely collected. Since the trust seal organizations have allowed owners to put their identification on their store, clients are assured that all checkout processes are free from dangers.

XOOT’s Trust Badges come in various shapes and sizes and express various things to customers. 

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Most Important Trust Badges for a store

XOOT offers the five most essential Trust Badges that you must carry out on your site. Each one of them has its own importance and use. You can choose which Trust Badge to use on your site, in view of the ideal impact you might want to accomplish. 

Below, you’ll discover clarifications for these five types of Trust Badges:

Guaranteed Safe and Secure Checkout Badge

This Trust Badge might be the most significant of the five. These are the badges that you get when you join an organization that gives an SSL-certified declaration. SSL represents a Secure Socket Layer and safeguards the internet connection and the information that is being secured.

This sort of trust badge ensures that the checkout process on your site is free from any danger, that the data shared is encrypted, and that your clients’ identity or credit card data won’t be taken. Imparting this kind of trust in your business will help immensely with your overall conversions.  

Utilizing this app will rapidly make your clients have a sense of safety and security. Safe Checkout Badges are best when shown close to your “Add to Cart” buttons and on your checkout page. 

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Keep in mind, however, that one of the reasons the safe checkout trust badges work so well in increasing conversion rates is because they are recognized. Brand recognition does play a major role in building trust.

Free Shipping Trust Badge

Display trust and security to your clients with the “Free Shipping” badge. By telling your clients that they can get products from your store with no extra shipping charges, you remove some of the possible dangers of risks from an online store. This trust badge works well if shown alongside the Money-back guarantee badge and can be shown anywhere on the store page.

However, it’s recommended to have a Free Shipping badge on the Add to the Cart page, homepage, or product page.

Gaining the trust of your potential visitors is pretty important and with the Free Shipping badge, you are letting your customers know that you don’t just want to attract them for buying products but you also want to value their happiness and satisfaction above all else.

Money-Back Guaranteed 

30-Days Money-Back Guarantee is possibly one of the best Trust Badges a merchant can have in his store. It completely removes all the fear and also removes any possible risk of purchasing a product.

The Trust Badge is completely free, and you can make multiple customizations on the badge. In XOOT, you can change its size, design, alignment, and much more in a few clicks. 

Easy Return

When people see an Easy Return badge, they make a quick purchase as they know that they can return a product and they won’t have to make an additional payment for return as well.

In this competitive world, visitors feel insecure while purchasing an item from a new store. They have the fear of exchanging and returning processes. Additionally, some products on a store fit perfectly well while others won’t and some items may seem to be different from the original- this is where Easy Return comes in.

Having this badge on the store gives flexibility to the customer to shop as he desires. 

Features of XOOT Trust Badges

Here are some of the features of enabling Trust Badges in XOOT-

  • 100% customization features available. 
  • Each badge has unique and eye-catchy designing options.
  • Changing of size, alignment, and position is available.
  • Multiple animation styles are available in the Trust Badges app of XOOT.
  • One-click set up.

In the modern world where technology rules businesses, it’s pretty normal for people to be afraid of online shopping especially when they hear horror stories of online mishappenings, cash frauds, poor product quality, etc. Having these badges in your store gives them a sense of safety, security, and protection from malicious occurrences.